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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sheep Shopping with my Cash Cropper...

Today was a first.  I actually visited a livestock facility WITH my hubster!!  We visited Wicketthorn Livestock just outside of Lambeth.  What a tour!!  This place has it all...  Initially, we had just gone to see what Craig had for sheep to fill our reno barn...  however, we were treated to the ultimate farm tour!  The sheep barn was awesome.  Craig went over the different breeds he had, and what type of traits to look for when starting up a flock.  Loving the Dorset, Suffolk, North Country breeds...  look like hearty and healthy ewes...  Thinking that a Texel ram may be in order as well...  The man of the hour who we were introduced to was 'Bob the Builder'...  a burley looking ram, who just so happens to have a lump on his poll resembling the cartoon character's hat!  Too funny...

From the sheep tour, we proceeded to what Craig refers to as the 'Funny Farm'...  here, his son Lloyd and wife Tina (with 5 active little farm kids...) have an awesome little variety of mini ponies, alpacas, mini pot-bellied pigs and some crazy birds taking their place in the empty pen...  Of course, each animal comes with a great story!  Sounds like these animals were a hit at the Western Fair in London, so check it out next year...  should be some more pet pigs running around!!

Wicketthorn is also a huge dairy facility (a little piece of heaven for me!!), so we got to see all those facilities as well...  Really cool rotary parlour!  All in all, a great tour!

Now to digest more info...  ouch, my brain hurts.

Shhhh...  I think the cash cropper may even like these animals...  :)

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