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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I wish Oprah was a farmer too...

Oprah is cool.  A voice for millions...  however, if you happen to be on one of her more recent trends regarding some new diet, farming is a target.   I wish she was a farmer.  A voice for us!!  Every occupation can be viewed in any negative light given the right media.  She has that power.  We, unfortunately do not.  Sucks.  Oprah, come out to our farms.  The ones we are proud of.  Yes, there are bad seeds...  guess what, Jerry Springer doesn't do much for promoting your profession either.  (even though I think he's kinda cool)

Okay, thats my rant.  Where was I in my ever so intellectual story...  Oh yeah, whining about being a hard working kid.  Don't get me wrong.  We had fun.  Living on a farm is a life like no other (of course, I haven't experienced anything different...) so yes, I'm biased.  I remember playing Dukes of Hazzard (we, of course were Bo and Luke...  I think we made Lisa be Uncle Jesse...  or Cooter... hehehe).  I remember my dumpster bike that was supposed to have 2 handlebars, but of course only had one.  I remember hanging in the haymow with dad on the hottest frigg'n day in June, July and August thinking I was going to die, but cherishing that time with dad.   So yes it was hard work, but we got to spend day in and out with family.  Something we don't see much of anymore.

My friends (you know who you are) laughed at me through school.  Not being spiteful, laughing at the fact that I was (and still am) USELESS in the domestic area of life.  Mom would make our meals, and wash our clothes, so I was clueless when it came to cooking, cleaning or housework in general.  I used to begrudge the fact she didn't go to the barn much and GOT to stay in the house...  little did I know, who the heck would actually WANT to stay in the house to do housework??!!  I know now.  Cause I hate it!  Throw me back in the barn anytime!

Thats all kids,
Gotta prep for big storm!!

signing out...

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