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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Its a Wooly World...

So, progress is being made!  Our former pig barn sporting the latest 70's fashion in concrete and rebar is slowly being made over!  Our hired man Monty and I have been hard at work tearing off steal, conduit, rusty old penning, then finally all poured concrete pens on top of the floor.  Now, the fun part...  breaking out the floor...  Better call my chiro now!

In the meantime, I've been doing quite a bit of research.  Starting to realize people really don't like sheep.  Something like "you have to trick them into wanting to live" kind of dislike.  Sounds like a challenge to me!!      Am I freaking out a bit?  Yep.  But, I'm really excited about this industry.  Talked to some extremely helpful people and have seen a few barns... so that part I think we're figuring out!  Now I'm onto the breed selection part.  I've got my heart set on Dorsets.  But, the more I read about crossing with other breeds to get certain traits, the more baffled I get... So, this is my next segment of research.

Looks like the barn will only hold about 150 ewes, so this will be small enough to figure out the error of my ways, and big enough to get a feel for how many I really need to make a living...

I'm pumped about my new little journey.  The weird part is I thought I'd totally miss the chickens.  Truth is, after 13 years... I really don't.  How is it that we can convince ourselves that we love what we do, when in fact, we're just to timid to try something else.  In my case, I think I just didn't want to upset the apple cart.  Whatever the reason, I'm happy.  The apple cart has been tipped.  But its ok!  Life goes on...  We just change direction, we don't stop.


  1. Well said girl! I couldn't agree more. And as I sit here tackling impossible chemistry questions, your blog reminded me WHY I was doing this! Plow on, straight (well maybe a wee bit curvy) ahead!

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