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Monday, March 19, 2012

Springtime in Staffa...

Not quite spring yet, but I think Mother Nature's been in hiding this winter...  Low to mid 20's is not hard to take in mid March, but I worry about a certain species who get the itch to hit the fields when we get too many days like this...  Nevertheless, there have been farm shows, meetings and barn destructions to help distract this specific creature.

The sheep barn project is coming along nicely.  Thinking finally the deconstruction has now crested into CONstruction...  I find out in a week if and when my possible mama ewes are going to lamb which is exciting!  Have been busy over the last couple of weeks with some farm shows and today the GFO Classic in London which was excellent.  I love listening to inspirational speakers...  today was a mix of marketers, policial writers, financial authors and advocators... my kind of day to spark the dawn of a new spring for farming.

Mark and I are looking forward to this coming season.  It is the beginning of our new journey together outside the family circle... scary, but exciting nonetheless...  Paperwork has been finalized and its official... Our new company is called Shepherd Creek Farms.  (which is a name we chose long before the sheep obsession... ironic eh??)  We've been blessed with the support of good friends and family as we make this shift.  Today I was reminded that we are in the most respected, and rewarding industries...  I just hope we can be proud of what we do, and remind our consumers that we do in fact love it to.

My view of the future sheep palace!!

Our inspiration...  Shepherd Creek...