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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Waiting for May Flowers... in June...

Enough already of the April showers.  I hate that we always complain about the weather.  Its either too cold, too snowy, too windy, too muggy, too hot or in the case of this poor excuse of a spring, too rainy.  I'm living with a man I used to know as my husband.  He is now a scruffy, puffy eyed, zombie-looking clone of Mark.  As I meet up with other wives and girlfriends of these husbands/boyfriends past, I realize this is a common occurrence in rural Ontario this spring.  Every dry moment available, he has been either on a sprayer, the planter or the many devices linking him to the godforsaken weather network.  Not uncommon to have crappy springs, but this year just seems to be dragging on...  and we've been in better shape than most.  Chatham has been polluted with heavy rains, and when it seems to be fit to go, it rains yet again.  If not for twitter and facebook, I think these farmers would go insane...  This seems to be a sounding board for so many, and helps convince us that we aren't alone this spring.

Our corn is now in, and sprayed... soys are in, not quite sprayed... stuff is starting to grow, but definitely not the showy year that we've been experiencing the last few.   Which brings us to fussy, tired hubby.  Now, he's a bit depressed that the crops don't look as good as he knows they should.  We push ourselves day in and day out, and never seem to be satisfied with what we accomplish.  If everyone who ate, knew what farmers strive for in producing their food, I think the world would be much more appreciative of what they have.

To all who are still waiting, and have that ginormous knot in their gut, know that the rest of us are right there with you.  This spring is becoming a true testimony of patience, wisdom and faith that eventually we will get a spring.  And hey, if not, well, summer is only a week a way...

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