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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Is it seriously this hard to sit down and blog??  Life is far too busy when the things we do when we are bored becomes an item on our to-do list don't ya think??  I had a blog ready to post last week, but it was kind of a sucky-feel-sorry-for-me kind of blog...  My weekend was so awesome, I needed to re-issue my thoughts!!

First of all, Mark's brother Tim and his wife Lesley came down from Ottawa for Easter.  We only get to see them a mitt-full of times throughout the year, so this was a treat!  They have 3 kids, who my kidlets adore!  Gavin, Elyse and Meredith came to chill with the Staffa Brock clan.  I love chilling with Les.  As far as sister-in-laws go, I think I have been blessed with the best!  Lesley has become one of my favorite people in life.  We talk about life, kids, and our very similarly behaved hubbys.  More than that, Lesley has such a strong faith in God that as I struggle with that part of my life, I look at her with admiration and hope.  She is a genuine, compassionate girl who I love dearly.

This brings me to sister-in-law #2.  This weekend also brought about another niece for Mark and I.  Isla Frances Elizabeth Brock joined our family Saturday night.  Jamie and Hope are now proud parents of Leighton (almost 3) and Isla.  Hope did awesome.  We went to visit on Monday, and you'd never know she had just given birth!  Isla is absolutely gorgeous.  I forget how precious and unbelievably perfect our little ones really are.  I think I have blocked out that portion of my brain for the last 10 years (sleep deprived, I suppose...).  I am so happy for J&H and their new addition... love you guys!!

Crazy weekend eh?  I think with this dragged out spring, we all needed the uplift.  Easter is a time of new beginnings...  I think a baby is just the thing.

Proud Auntie Sandi

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