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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fields, friends and foes...

Friends. We make them, love them, cherish them, and unfortunately finally drift away from them. Thankfully, not all the time. Thankfully, we are quite often blessed with more that come into our lives.

Living on a farm I had 2 main sets of friends. The ones from town, and the ones that would help me in the barn, build forts in the snow, and ride those decrepit bikes I had the privilege of owning! The ones from town would often come out and see what farming was all about, but as for getting down and dirty??? they usually bowed out of that. There are a few friends I have to mention, because they are such a big part of how I became me.
Amy M and Jen T., what laughs. We spent many years together in the little school of Glen Morris. They were and still are wonderful people, mothers and wives of some very lucky families.

Amy L however was my soul mate. She moved to a house across our field and we would often meet somewhere in the middle and walk to her place or mine. Hours would pass, yet they felt like minutes. Her dad happened to also be our vet, so her family quite graciously let me hang with them often! Amy taught me manners (which I sometimes use), and is by far, the nicest person you could EVER talk to on the phone (unless you talk to her mom or sisters... same goes...) We attended Glen Morris also, then I moved over to the high school for 7&8, and didn't get to see her as much... To this day, I cherish those memories and think of her often. (thank goodness for Facebook!!).

High school brought around my urban friends. A circle I had never been a part of. The girls I remember most were Pam B, Heather H, Kate F, Kathryn D, Melanie R, Jen H, Jodi R and of course Krista S. (my buddy) just to name a few... They were great friends... Unfortunately, like most high school friends, we have long since drifted. Universities and colleges move us all in different directions and futures. Mine was agriculture. Their's were not. I have had the opportunity to sneak peaks into their lives through FB, but thats about it.

Friends are easy. Foes are not. Foes are challenging and sometimes crushing. But they too mold us into the kind of person we are to become. I always seem to have a foe. At least I always perceived them as foes. Kindergarden to grade 2 was a big bully on the bus. I was petrified to get on that damn yellow thing everyday because of this dude. He just seemed to only pick on me. He'd go through my lunch, and somehow make me feel ashamed (why is that? its a friggn lunch?!!) and tease the living crap out of me... Let me make this clear... DON'T BULLY!! Karma can be a real brute given time. That same boy ended up as one of our relief milkers for dad (when I was at the barn too... can you say awkward??)... took him a long time to get me to warm up to him (I sooo hold a grudge). Other foes in my life? Crushes. The boys I was sure I was going to marry. After all, they were the dairy boys right? WRONG!!! But not for lack of trying! Oh well, I was being led to someone perfect... well, for me that is!

My friends who are some of the most genuine, hard working, loving people I have had the privilege of knowing, I have met through 4-H and university. That story however, will have to wait for another night. Too much to say.

Eventually, I will get to my present boring life... but for now, I have you captive in my even more boring past!!!

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