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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Twin Tales...

During high school, I met a pair of girls who would direct me down the road I was meant to travel. I met Janice and Marilyn in grade 10 (they were in grade 11), however, they didn't go to my school, they went to our sporting rivals PJ in Brantford. I actually got to know them through the 4-H program.

These girls are twins. But, like most twins, complete opposites! They fit into my life as if they had always been in it. They too lived on a family run dairy farm, so right away, they knew the trials and tribulations of farm life. They too had to leave practices early to milk cows. We spent just about every weekend together, going to cattle shows, buck and does, jr. farmer dances or traveling up to Aunt Kaye and Uncle Jack's place in Kearney. We laughed together, cried together, fought like sisters and supported each other like family. I met so many people through this family. People in the ag sector who I still meet up with from time to time... and I still get referenced as the girl that hung out with 'the twins'...

As time passed, we headed to university together as well. Janice headed out the year before Mare and I, so we roomed together the next year at University of Guelph. Guelph was awesome. Absolutely, by far, the best time of my life! But, if it wasn't for these 2 girls in my world, I may not have headed in that direction. I owe them all my thanks. They brought me back to my proud roots. They basically led me through that part of my life, looking back at it now. We partied together, Janice usually stuck holding my head while I threw up... Marilyn staying awake all night making sure I didn't choke... (a proud moment!!) We went to countless dairy shows, where Janice always kicked butt... Mare and I were just usually glad to be there!! We went to 4-H camps and conferences, Jr. Farmer functions (all over the place...) and met so many wonderful people along the way.

During university, Marilyn ended up going another route to pursue a career in teaching. Which she is still successfully doing today... Janice graduated the year before me and is truly a person I often strived to be like. She is now currently married to Glenn with 4 (yep, thats right, 4 kids!!) living in Ridgetown. She has her own Pioneer dealership, and is one of the hardest working people I know today.

Even though we have all gone our separate ways, I think of those days often. Some of my happiest memories by far. I am so very proud of them and what kind of people they have become. I've been blessed with the greatest friends ever...

oh, and by the way, they don't milk cows anymore either... :(


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