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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The One...

In light of Valentines Day, I thought I'd talk a bit about my beloved... heehee... I guess I should start from the top...

I met Mark in my second year at Guelph. Remember it clearly. He had worked with my friend Janice the previous summer for Sandoz. However, I remembered him as a long haired, Oakley wearing punk... soooo not my type. So in typical Sandi fashion, I didn't give him a second thought. (and he didn't milk cows...) Imagine my surprise when I saw him during a work fare in crop science all cleaned up and looking mighty fine. Too fine. Now he was WAY out of my league. So, in typical Sandi fashion, I didn't give him a second thought.

In the meantime, I went on a skiing trip to Collingwood and broke my friggin leg. As I held down a hospital bed for the week, I got a call saying my partner for the upcoming summer was Mark. Weird, I thought, but whatever... I'll be lucky if I'd be walking by then! April came and so did our job at Dupont. Mark quickly became one of my all-time favorite people. We talked (well truthfully, I probably did most of that) and realized we had lots in common even if he didn't have cows. Within a couple weeks, we started dating... and the rest, well, is still ongoing.

Mark was introduced to not only my parents, but the whole fam-damly at a 25th wedding anniversary party for my mom and dad. Needless to say, he saw us at our utmost best behavior... and well hydrated I must say. And he stuck around!! Crazy. He helped me in the barn, milked, fed, unloaded hay and straw and helped us in the field. All is a pre-requisite for the job of dating me. Crazy. My family instantly loved Mark. I think mostly because he kept me in line. Dad got a kick out of that.

I remember meeting Mark's family. We drove out to one of the fields where Dave (Mark's dad) was cultivating (or planting... can't remember). Anyway, this clean, nicely dressed man got out of the tractor (JD... forgot to mention I was a sucker for green). I asked Mark why his dad had good clothes on. He replied that those were in fact his 'work' clothes... What the???!! I'm used to overalls that could quite literally walk away on their own they were so polluted... Today, Mark is the exact same... best dressed tractor driver this side of TO for sure!!! I then met Mark's mom... I was SOOO nervous... I like to impress the parents, but by just being me. That may not go over so good all the time. Deanna was great. These two wonderful people opened their home and hearts for a hick chick like me!! They soon became my second family and close friends. Mark's brother was the next to meet.

Jamie. Wow, what to say here. I keep promising to make this part juicy to make him mad, but I won't. Lucky him! I met Jamie and his then girlfriend (now wifey!!) Hope at the farm. I really don't remember anything too significant except, like Mark, he was genuine. What you see with these cats, is what you get. Tim is the oldest brother, but I didn't get to meet him and his wife Lesley for a bit. Same attributes apply to Tim.

Talking about Mark's family is significant. These people have now shared almost 15 years of my life with me. We work together, hang out together and support each other. We look like we have it all figured out. But those closest to us know it hasn't been an easy path. But, that is a story on its own!!

Mark and I were married in September 1998, and God willing will be for life!!

More on the man later in my posts... again, too much to say!!

Later cats!!

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